Alter Artist Highlight: Jaclyn Foglia

I know I missed last month’s installment, so here is an all new installment for December.  Jaclyn is a very talented artist whose work is absolutely amazing in my opinion and i am more than pleased to highlight her on the site!  Please enjoy reading the following interview with Jaclyn Foglia!

Jaclyn Foglia



-Chris @ Mana Burn: Thank you for taking the time to be part of’s Alter Artist Highlight series! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, my name is Jaclyn Foglia. I am 24 years old and I am from Albany, NY. :)
-Chris @ Mana Burn: How long have you been altering?
I have been altering since January 2010. I started out casually just for friends and in mid 2011 I started taking commissions.

-Chris @ Mana Burn: Is there any particular commission in the future that your excited for?
I am always looking for new and exciting projects. My favorites are the pieces that have meaning, or pieces that I can do for my friends. I have so many ideas I want to put on cards (my own original art) but there just is never enough time. My commissions take priority.
-Chris @ Mana Burn: Do you currently play mtg or any other games?
I do play Magic the Gathering, but only in limited formats. I really enjoy sealed and draft. Pre-releases are fun for me because I can get new cards early on and alter them to sell. I also play a miniature game called Hordes. I paint the pieces for that game as well which is a lot of fun.
Yoda Alteration
-Chris@ Mana Burn: Do you alter full time?

I don’t alter full time, but I would absolutely love to be able to do this on a full time basis. Altering started out as a hobby for me and then turned into a part time job. I enjoy every minute I get to spend doing art. :)
Sol Ring alteration
-Chris@ Mana Burn: How long does a commission take from start to finish?
Each alteration is different. For example, a border extension can take anywhere from 1-4 hours. A character extension or completely altered card can take multiple days to complete.
s.d.t. alteration
Chris @ Mana Burn: What kind of forums and groups do you find yourself in?
I am currently on Instagram, Twitter, tumblr and Facebook for showcasing and displaying my art. I also use them for community involvement with customers and other artists. I am part of the MtG altered cards and artwork community to share my art and learn from others.
Nightshade alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: Is there a style of alter you prefer or find yourself enjoying more than the other?
I really enjoy doing border extensions since it requires color matching and that is something I find myself excelling at. On the other hand, I love being challenged. Doing full art alters and being able to succeed and complete something that I find challenging is a great feeling.
restoration angel alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: What steps do you follow in order to create a flawless alter?
I always start out determining my color palate. If it’s a character, I sketch it onto the card before applying paint. I use proper supplies, such as high pigment paints, small acrylic brushes, and mixing mediums to allow me to create high quality alters. I take as much time as I need to get the quality and details up to the standard I want.
baneslayer alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: What type of artists do you look up to for inspiration?.
In the alteration department I look up to Marta Molina. Her landscapes are simply breath taking. Someone who really has helped me and inspires me everyday is Brandon Brown. He is a very talented alterist and has a wide range of talents as an artist. In regards to fantasy art, Terese Nielsen and John Avon (both illustrators for Magic the Gathering cards) are two of my major inspirations. Just by following their careers and art, I have been able to learn more about the genre which I love.
badlands alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: How many hours a week do you find yourself altering?
I try to dedicate an hour each day to altering after work and spend time on my days off from work altering as well. On average, I spend between 15-20 hours a week altering, but it all depends on the amount of commissions I have to complete.
savannah alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: Do you have a favorite and least favorite card you’ve done?
Honestly, my least favorite cards I have altered are from when I first started altering. I tried to do realistic pieces and portraits. Scaling artwork down to such a small size to fit on MtG cards takes a lot of practice.
My favorite card I have altered to date is a tie between a Yoda on Worldly Tutor and a Savannah I fully altered and added a lioness to. Both were challenging and fun pieces to work on and I am very proud of the final outcome.
plateau alteration
-Chris @ Mana Burn: Do you have a lot of out of country requests?
I have a lot of clients locally and scattered throughout the U.S. as well as clients overseas such as Canada and Austrailia. I am hoping to expand overseas more but I really enjoy painting for local players.
-Chris @ Mana Burn: What is your full time job away from altering?
Outside of altering I have a full time job at a local credit union.
I hope you enjoyed the interview and alteration examples that were provided.  I think we can all agree that Jaclyn has some serious skills for a part time alteration specialist.  Keep it going!
 If you would to request a comission or see what is for sale, you can contact Jaclyn at the information below:
Tumblr @ jfoglia
Twitter @ jaclynfoglia
Instagram @ jaclyn_foglia